Youth Field Consultancy

Are you wondering how youth policy measures in a certain area align with youth lived reality? Maybe a background paper exploring the background of the youth policy measures and their aims could help!
Is there a concrete issue in your work with young people you would like to tackle in line with the latest body of knowledge? Literature review summarizing contents from up-to-date information sources brought to you both as a paper and a presentation might support you!
Are you hosting a conference on youth work or youth field related topics and is there a concrete area you would like someone to cover? Keynote or a workshop in line with your requirements and audience needs would fit into your plans!
Have a look at my expert publications:

Bárta, Ondřej. (2019). Evaluation in the Youth Field: Theoretical Framework for Evaluating Implementation of the Youth Goals. Zenodo. Online, available here

Bárta, Ondřej. (2020). Rural Youth Indicators. Open Source Indicators for Evaluating Youth Goals Implementation. Zenodo. Online, available here

I also regularly attend conferences in various roles!

03/2020 Zagreb, Croatia: EU Youth Conference

10/2019 Seongnam, South Korea: International Youth Conference

10/2019 Strasbourg, France: ‘Exploring different models of democratic participation: fostering youth participation through the European Youth Card’

10/2019 Prague, Czech Republic: Seminar on research in the Czech-German youth exchange domain

06/2019 Novi Sad, Serbia: Regional Youth Knowledge Forum on Youth Research in South-East Europe

12/2018 Brno, Czech Republic: Cyberspace Conference

10/2018 Kayseri, Turkey: International Higher Education Conference (IHEC 2018)

09/2018 Vienna, Austria: RAY Triangular Summit ‘Maximising Potential: Key Insights from Research for the Renewed EU Youth Strategy and Programme’

09/2018 Vienna, Austria: EU Youth Conference

09/2018 Chisinau, Moldova: PEYR and EKCYP Meeting 2018

06/2018 Budapest, Hungary: EDiTE Conference and Summer School

06/2018 Cascais, Portugal: Europe Goes Local Conference

05/2018 Strasbourg, France: ‘RAY Conference on Long-Term Effects of Erasmus+: Youth in Action on Participation and Citizenship’

05/2018 Lille, France: EPLM Expert Seminar ‘From Good to Better’

04/2018 Sofia, Bulgaria: EU Youth Conference

03/2018 Brussels, Belgium: ‘Turbocharging Erasmus+: Youth in Action’ policy event

02/2018 Kayseri, Turkey: 3rd International Symposium on Youth Employment Challenges (ISYEC 2018)

10/2017 Tallinn, Estonia: EU Youth Conference

09/2017 Budapest, Hungary: PEYR and EKCYP Meeting 2017

06/2017 Wroclaw, Poland: EDiTE Summer School ‘European Perspectives in Transformative Education’

05/2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia: Europe Goes Local Kick-Off Conference

04/2017 Vienna, Austria: RAY Triangular Summit ‘Youth Work and Youth Policy in a European Context beyond 2020. Research Evidence for Policy and Practice’

02/2017 Prague, Czech Republic: Czech National Conference on Youth ‘What trends are there in contemporary youth and how to react to them?’

12/2016 Prague, Czech Republic: Conference on Erasmus+ Youth in Action

11/2016 Bonn, Germany: Final conference for the ESRALE project

11/2016 Malta: International conference ‘Tool Fair XI’

10/2016 Florence, Italy: Work placement within the ESRALE project scheme

09/2016 Prague, Czech Republic: EVS Superannual Conference

08/2016 Dublin, Ireland: European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) ‘Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers’

07/2016 Pécs, Hungary: ESRALE international conference and summer school ‘Adult Learning and Education in the Context of Cultural, Professional and Community Development’

07/2016 Brno, Czech Republic: EDiTE summer school ‘Research as social change’

06/2016 Tbilisi, Georgia: Expert seminar on quality in learning mobility

06/2016 Budapest, Hungary: Symposium ‘(Un)Equal Europe: Responses from the youth sector’

05/2016 Hamburg, Germany: IERI Spring Academy 2016: Using TIMSS and PISA data for Secondary Analysis

11/2015 Riga, Latvia: Peer learning seminar on cross-sectorial cooperation in youth policy

09/2015 Belgrade, Serbia: Summer school and conference focused on adult education research (international perspectives)

05/2015 Vienna, Austria: RAY Triangular Summit (conference on youth, youth work, and research on youth and non-formal education)

09/2014 Brno, Czech Republic: Summer school and conference focused on adult education research (international perspectives)

06/2014 Rovereto, Italy: Summer school focused on qualitative research (grounded theory)

06/2012 Rovereto, Italy: Summer school focused on qualitative research (grounded theory)

12/2010 Vilnius, Lithuania: Seminar focused on cooperation between researchers and lecturers in non-formal education

08/2010 Fermo, Italy: Summer school focused on social and juridical aspects of the European Union