Youth Policy

Are you wondering at strengths and weaknesses of your local youth action plan? I can compare these to the European youth policy documents as well as to data from public sources to highlight opportunities and threats for the future development of your youth action plan!
Do you want to make sure your organization plans and priorities are in line with the upcoming challenges in the youth field as identified in the youth policy documents? I am able to prepare a summary of main challenges and trends in the current youth policy terrain that could help you find new paths!
Are you planning a long-term observation of policy developments in your particular youth field context? I am happy to help you keep the finger on the heartbeat of the latest developments!
Have a look at a comprehensive example of a youth policy mapping:

Bárta, O., Boček, J., Husák, J., Kovacheva, S. (2014). Mladí lidé a veřejné politiky v České republice. Online, available here